Queer Lending Library 📕

The queer lending library in the UVic Pride space has plenty of books, graphic novels, art collections/portfolios, essays, poetry books, and zines.
Topics such as gender, sexuality, romance, activism, erotica, identity, BIPOC stories, and more are found throughout the collection.

Access our online catalog on Library Thing to find our books and details about them. You can sort by year, title, tags, and more!

If you are interested in reading from home, see our selection of books that are available online.

Photo by @malusokay on Twitter.com.

Using the UVic Pride Lending Library

Taking out books

The lending library operates on an honour system. Students are welcome to come browse our collection, and enjoy reading in the lounge or at home. Books are expected to be returned in good condition for future readers, within our recommended borrowing period (~2-3 weeks). Please borrow no more than one book at a time.

Lost books

It happens. Let us know and we can make an arrangement. A replacement book can be provided, or you can volunteer your time to assist with the lending library or other operations at Pride.

Have a book recommendation?

Fill out our recommendations form.

Donate books to our library

Want to contribute to our collection? Drop in to the UVic Pride Lounge with any 2SLGBTQ+ literature to spread the queer book love. Just let any office staff know, so that we can properly catalogue the new addition(s).