Binder Exchange Program

Our Binder Exchange Program is located in our gender inclusive washroom, in the Pride Lounge (SUB B010).

Binders can be worn to help some people who want to reduce or change the appearance of their chest. Due to the snug nature of binding, it's important to have the best size for one's chest. Wearing one too tight, poorly fitting, or wearing it for too long can be detrimental to one's health.

UVic Pride collects clean, gently used binders that folks might have bought in the wrong size, or otherwise aren't using. We offer these binders to be taken from our single-stall, gender-neutral bathroom within the Pride Space.

When taking a binder, please refer to our size guide, and always make sure to wash or sanitize your hands when handling the binders.

Illustration by Marta Pucci

Binder Drop-Off

Binders can be dropped off in the Pride space's bathroom on the hangers behind the door, or with a staff member in our office. If there isn't anyone in the Pride Space, please leave it with the SUB General Office in The Student Union Building B128. We also accept binders in the mail at this address.

Binders should be:

  • Clean

  • In excellent condition

  • Marked with a size

Binder Pick-Up

Donated binders can be selected from the Pride space's single-stall bathroom. There is a rack with a selection, along with the info about sizes and safe practices.

Please wash your hands thoroughly before handling the binders.

This program is open to everyone, not just UVic students.

Safely Using a Binder

  • Make sure you find a binder that fits well and isn't too tight. When in doubt, size up.

  • Ensure it doesn't impact your breathing in any way.

  • Don't wear a binder for more than 8 hours a day, or stop as soon as your body signals you to, especially when it's hot out.

  • Do not sleep or swim in a binder - there are specific binders for swimming.

Places to buy a binder online