UVic Pride Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AGM Details

UVic Pride has an AGM each year where we encourage as many students to attend as possible. These are where large changes can be make, including our Policy & Constitution, our budget, and elections or by elections.

Pride AGM

When: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Where: On Zoom or in SUB B010

who: Open to 2SLGBTQIA+ and ally students at UVic

AGM Attendance

Students may join the AGM either in person in SUB B010, or online on Zoom. We encourage those who would rather attend in person to come early to get a spot.

AGM Agenda

To be posted.

Proposed Policy

UVic Pride's current constitution

The UVic Pride constiution currently in effect can be found here.

What's new in UVic Pride

In the last 9 months we've had many big needed changes. The Pride team from the past had the department drifting very far off of any of our policies, which were very outdated. March of 2022, UVic Pride hired a new department coordinator. The space was cleaned up and rid of loose food, dry beans, inaccessable furniture, and clutter. The space was also stocked with PPE for staff, sanitization supplies for the room and events. We've created many new opportunities for student leadership, advocacy, culture, and engagement. This page shares some of of our recent efforts.

New Governance

The policy and constitution that the current Pride team came into is extremely archaic. It's unfortunate that the practices that have been happening aren't up to the policy standards, and we've been working on new policy to remedy this. However, the only way to pass new policy is at an Annual General Meeting* (AGM). We will need students like you to attend and witness the AGM where we will be asking for you to vote on approving the new policy which will be affecting our practices.

If you are a queer or ally student who would like to get involved in drafting a new constitution for UVic Pride, contact pride@uvic.ca. It's always best to have policy created for and by students. The policy drafted will be approved by queer and ally students attending the Pride Annual General Meeting.

*An Annual General Meeting is where UVic Pride engages with as many queer students as possible to share updates, give a financial report, and approve any new policy around UVic Pride. We will also be taking input on what you and our student population would like to see from UVic Pride in terms of programs, events, and other ways we could support our community.

Annual General Meeting

πŸ“ Pride Room (SUB B010) and zoom (link to be posted)

πŸ•š 11am - 12pm

βœ‹ Open to any and all 2SLGBTQIA+ students and allies

πŸ‘• Come to win a door prize of a UVic Pride hoodie or T-shirt from the UVic Pride clothing line at the UVic Bookstore

Pride Services (more details to come)

  • 2SLGBTQ+ Recently Updated Lending Library

  • Binder Exchange

  • Shoe Program

  • Safer Sex Supplies (External + Internal condoms, gloves, and dental dams)

  • Menstrual Products

  • Trans Allyship Pins Campaign

  • Community Circles

Pride Events (more details to come)

  • Community Pride Button Making Workshops

  • Movie Nights

  • Circle Groups

  • Trans Protagonism Campaign



Our website, discord, and other online platforms have undergone major changes in the last few months. Archive.org allows you to see the state of the website from January, which you can compare to today's website.

We'll also be transferring our website over to a new domain which we're very exited for: uvic.gay


You'll also see that we've remodelled our Discord Server. We've aimed to make it less cluttered and more accessible. Our discord membership has almost doubled at almost 1000 members. About 400 people come to our server to see updates each month, and over 100 people are active speakers/messagers. The monthly active users 9 months ago was about 15-20 users. Our server now has a team of moderators, and we take mod applications here.


We are working towards creating educational resources on our website. We currently have pages on flag glossary and allyship resources. We're also looking to build a team to create and deliver educational workshops for allies. Click here to volunteer.

Community Relations

UVic Bookstore

The UVic Bookstore now has a UVic Pride clothing line where part of the proceeds are donated towards us, UVic Pride.

Pride Parade

UVic Pride attended the Victoria Pride Parade for the first time in our known history. We brought all sorts of colour props, fans, wagons full of cold drinks, we gave out 1000 UVic rainbow stickers, and hundreds of condoms at the parade.

The Camosun Student Society (The UVSS Equivilant) puts together a large float, music, and includes tons of students each year when they go to the parade. The UVSS doesn't go to Victoria Pride currently. If the UVSS would support us, we would love to match the level Camosun brings to Pride. πŸ³β€πŸŒˆ


We've fostered a strong relationship with the Gender Empowerment Centre this year too. We went to the Victoria Pride Parade together, have worked together to host a raquet sports event at CARSA, co-hosted weekly screenings of Drag Race at Felicita's, and they invited our members in after our space closed after there was a break and enter in UVic Pride.

Advocacy for Inclusive Recreation (AIR)

UVic Pride, along with other advocacy groups came together to form AIR.

The AIR Program (Advocacy for Inclusive Recreation) is a collaborative program hosted by the Office of Student Life, Vikes Athletics and Recreation, Native Students Union, Gender Empowerment Centre, Society for Students with a Disability, Students of Colour Collective, and UVic Pride. This program is for students who identify as members of the aforementioned Advocacy groups on Campus. The goal of AIR is to provide access in an inclusive, safe, and equitable manner to students of the five UVic Advocacy groups on campus. We want to provide accessible movement-activities that will promote wellness and community on campus.


Volunteer With Pride

We want to foster student leadership opportunities as much as possible. We strive to create equitable, inclusive programs, events, and environments.

We have multiple volunteer opportunities and are constantly creating new ones. Please fill out our applications or contact us directly for more questions.